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Lower Great Lakes

The initial three–day OUTSTEP LGL workshop took place with more than 100 participants From four countries (Canada, US, Turkey and South Korea). Strategies to establish and spread the workshop and network goals and related information should increase the reach and interest of the workshop outcomes, sustainability motivations of participants and the local region, and local and global scale.

 2019 OUTSTEP inaugural WORKSHOP

AUG 19-21 2019

Hotel Henry Urban Resort buffalo, NY

Networking In-person & Online

OUTSTEPS Research Hub & Community Platform

Since then working groups on various initiatives have been in teleconference meetings for at least one hour every week (OUTSTEP Action HOUR) as well as leaders of those working groups and network leadership at least once a month for one hour (OUTSTEP Leadership HOUR). 

The OUTSTEP network is currently in the final stages of testing to release a publicly available social media network platform through rocket-chat that will enable all participants to more defectively share information on contact details as well as expertise and interest in topics related to sustainability and resilience.

Mapping Research Themes

Connecting PEOPLES with the UN SDGs 

Among the topics that were mapped in this participatory excercise :Water Safety and access

Lake Ontario Flooding

Non-Urban Community Development

Smart Streets

Metropolitain Health

Climate migrants

Indigenous and migratory Population

Sustaining Wellnbeing Cultural Heritage

Post-Disaster waste and debris Removal

Wood Farming & Construction