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09/22/2020 9-10 AM Eastern Time

DAY 3 Festival Workshop 3

Education & Environmental Workshop

Monica Miles (NY Sea Grant), Susan Powers (Clarkson University), and Susan Clark (University at Buffalo) will lead an interactive workshop that will introduce the concept of Environmental Justice (EJ), discuss the role that communities play in addressing this issue, outline the need for academic programs on EJ, as well as propose a network approach towards improving EJ education

0o9/22/2020 10-11 AM Eastern Time

Day 3 Festival Workshop 4

Measuring Initiatives for Building Resilient and Sustainable Communities

Richard Ross Shaker, Christopher De Sousa (both Ryerson University), Leah Foer (Niagara College) and Chris Renschler (university at Buffalo) discuss how to measure the transformation of building more resilient and sustainable Communities

Moderator: Michael Shelly (University at Buffalo) 

09/22/2020 11AM-Noon Eastern Time

Day 3 Festival Workshop 5

University Resilience Planning - Response to COVID-19 as a Case study

Jay Roorbach (SUNY Canton), erik Backus (Clarkson University), 

Dan Hammel (University of Toledo), and  

Chris Renschler (University at Buffalo) discuss the latest on this topic

 2020 OUTSTEPS Fall Workshop Festival

09/15/2020 9-10 AM Eastern Time

DAY 1 Festival Workshop 1

Climate Vulnerability Assessment in

Erie County/Buffalo, NY 

P. Josh Wilson (Erie County), Susan Clark (University at Buffalo),  Jason Kulaszewski (One Region Forward/UB Regional Institute), and kelley St. John (City of Buffalo).

Moderator: Chris Renschler (University at Buffalo)

09/15/2020 10-11 AM Eastern Time

DAY 1 Festival Workshop 2

Water Quality, Access & Affordability - Lessons Learned The Hard way

in the Lower Great lakes

Sujata Shetty & Neil Reid (University of Toledo)

will discuss related issues on lake Erie with Patrick Larence (U. of Toledo) and Lake Ontario with Sharon Moran (SUNY-ESF)

Moderator: Chris Renschler (University at Buffalo)

09/21/2020 9AM-Noon Eastern Time

EXTRA: University Global Coalition Panel

Building A Regional Network of Universities across Borders under COVID-19

Panel: Susan Clark (University at Buffalo, USA), Susan Powers (Clarkson University, USA), and Richard Ross Shaker (Ryerson University, Canada)

Moderator: Chris Renschler (University at Buffalo)

DAY 1: Tuesday September 15 2020  - Workshops 1 and 2 Recordings are now posted

EXTRA: Monday September 21 2020 - University Global Coalition Virtual Conference

DAY 2: Tuesday September 22 2020 - Workshops 3, 4 and 5 Recordings are Now Posted