1. Create and sustain a regional network of networks among researchers, students, and stakeholders on the theme of tackling Sustainability and Resilience Challenges (S&RCs).

2. Conduct novel and transformative research conducted  with stakeholders on regional-scale S&RCs undertaken using a convergent,  regional,  and inter-institutional  approach.

3. Advance knowledge and practices for regional performance measures and network science

The OUTSTEPS Vision is ...

The OUTSTEPS Mission is ...

... to transform a science-based,  network for collaboration and communication among regional stakeholders and universities to co-produce  the knowledge  necessaryto support sustainability and resilience at a regional scale.

StakeholderS ARE KEY

to Ensure that benefits are useful to the array of stakeholders (engage, coordinate & collaborate  effectively; long-term  relationship  building):

LOCAL BENEFIT, sharing regionally: (Benefit to stakeholders locally, driven by local challenge) To use the insights gained through  collaborative research to understand and how governmental structures effectively support/hinder S&R andidentify specific needs to better  support governmental decision-making.

REGIONAL BENEFIT: (Benefits to stakeholders  regionally,  driven by regional  challenge) Relevantsustainability metrics and  outcomes  for our  community  and regional stakeholders