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The  OUTSTEPS Regional Community Network was created  as a forum to respectfully share and learn from our combined expertise, wisdom and knowledge about the Lake Erie and Lake Ontario watersheds and communities to co-produce knowledge that goes beyond the understanding of any single discipline, region, or viewpoint.  The platform connects researchers, students, government organizations, community and Indigenous partners who are focused on sustainability and resilience in the Lower Great Lakes.     


Partners and participants In OUTSTEPS Network investigate and exchange ideas to systematically  analyze the multi-dimensional, multi-disciplinary and multi-jurisdictional aspects of projects, problems and opportunities. Our convergent research approach, themes and working groups are guided by the flow of water, sediments, nutrients, information, goods, services, and people. The OUTSTEPS Network integrates fundamental research on the impact of climate change on natural and built environments with sustainable development theory to understand the interrelationships between our changing natural systems and the achievement of livelihoods and relevant research to enhance the well-being of the region’s urban and rural communities inclusive of Indigenous people that often belong to the most vulnerable populations.


If you would like to learn more about the OUTSTEPS network, please contact us using the form below.